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November 23, 2011 / Miss Yankovic

I’m really talented at sleeping when I’m supposed to be doing something productive.

I always spend at least half of my allotted getting-ready-for-school time snoring.

Just this morning, actually, I was supposed to be getting dressed, because my mom and I were going to go to the library (she volunteers at the library on Wednesdays, and sometimes I tag along). Instead of getting dressed, I slept. Till about 8:50. Then Mom yelled, “Are you ready?” I jolted out of my snooze, yelled back, “No, not quite,” and got dressed faster than I ever have. (Go me.)

And then at the library, I thought I was going to work on my NaNo novel and get lots done on it. I ended up putting two chairs together and sleeping with my backpack in my lap the entire time (which was about two hours).

My circadian rhythms are so screwed up. (I swear, from now on, I’m only having one late-night TV marathon per weekend.)


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