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November 23, 2011 / Miss Yankovic

I’m loopy when I’m sick…

I have… something.  I don’t know quite what it is.  I think it’s either a delayed reaction to the flu mist I got two weekends ago, or a heavy chest cold.  Either way, it’s nasty.  On Monday, I just felt plain miserable – achy, headaches, sniffly, lethargic, the whole nine yards.  (Two words got me out of bed that day:  “Rhodes Scholarship.”  I’m friggin’ dedicated.)  Yesterday, my main problem (aside from those pesky sinus problems) was that every time I sat up, stood up, sat down, laid down, or did anything that required me to change the orientation of my head in some way, my head started throbbing worse than a subwoofer playing dubstep at top volume.  Today, I’ve partly lost my voice.  Fun.

Anyway, here are some gems, straight from my alternately sickness- and Nyquil-addled brain.

  • “Why is that so funny to me right now?”  (about something completely ordinary and pointless)
  • *SNORT* (when my mom complained about my sniffling – goodness, I’m sassy)
  • (trying to work up the wherewithal to take Nyquil)  “Oh God.  Um…”  Sister:  “Just get it over with.  Pretend it’s a shot.”  Me:  “THAT DOESN’T HELP.”
  • “Uuuuuuugh…”  (for every single throbbing headache)
  • “Between Carson and Chaz, I think I’m just going to die in a puddle of-” (makes inarticulate mouth noises)
  • A thought that genuinely popped into my head last night as I was drifting off to sleep:  “I hate it when my Internet gets taken away.  Also, my farts taste like rainbows.”
  • (For the record, I have never tested the latter statement, and I never want to.)
  • And my favorite… “I just stay in my room, like an awkward… non-sports-loving… college turtle.”

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